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Thursday, 06 January 2011 10:40

Watch 4 Folder

Watch_4_FolderWatch 4 Folder  is a simple, small and portable tool to monitor folders and files activities. It can monitor 15 different types of events, execute a program or batch file, or show a pop-up message in case of an event. It is possible to write to a text log file and to watch a live log running.
Published in Files and Folders
Wednesday, 05 January 2011 11:05


HWiNFO32 HWiNFO32™ are professional hardware information and diagnostic tools supporting latest components, industry technologies and standards. Both tools are designed to collect and present the maximum amount of information possible about computer's hardware which makes them suitable for users searching for driver updates, computer manufacturers, system integrators and technical experts as well
Published in System Information
Wednesday, 05 January 2011 11:00


HDDSCANHDD Scan  is a freeware utility for hard drive diagnostics (RAID arrays and Flash USB drives are also supported). The program can test storage device for errors (Bad-blocks and bad sectors), show S.M.A.R.T. attributes and change some HDD parameters such as AAM, APM, etc.
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Wednesday, 05 January 2011 10:56


HD_SpeedHD_Speed A simple disk transfer rate tester for WinNT. HD_Speed measures both sustained and burst data transfer rates of your drives (hard disk drives, flash drives, CD/DVD-ROM, and floppy) with real-time graphical display.
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Wednesday, 05 January 2011 10:51


GridyGridy  adds an invisible grid to Windows, so that any window you move or resize is snapped to it. Snapping is enabled with mouse drag or keyboard arrow keys. Gridy also lets you store and restore a window's size and position in up to 9 slots.
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Wednesday, 05 January 2011 10:43

Glary Utilities Portable

GlaryUtilities_32Glary Utilities Portable is a freeware with registry and disk cleaning, privacy protection, performance accelerator and amazing multifunctional tools. It can fix dogged registry errors, wipe off clutters, optimize internet speed, safeguard confidential files and maintain maximum performance.
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Wednesday, 05 January 2011 09:28


CrystalDiskMark CrystalDiskMark  is a disk benchmark software that measures performance for sequential reads/writes and random 4KB/512KB reads/writes for any storage device. It does not require the target device to be formatted.
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Wednesday, 05 January 2011 09:20


CrystalDiskInfo_48CrystalDiskInfo  monitors HDD/SSD health status and temperature, and does all the usual monitoring/graphing of S.M.A.R.T. information. It also tells you how many times the hard disk has been turned on and how many hours. Interesting if you swear blind that you don't use you PC that much!
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Wednesday, 05 January 2011 09:16

CPU TrueSpeed

CPUTrueSpeed_32CPU TrueSpeed CPU TrueSpeed will calculate the actual speed (frequency) of the microprocessor (CPU) in your computer. The speed of the CPU is rated by how many cycles it runs per second. This speed is measured in Hertz (Hz). 1 Hz is one cycle per second. A Pentium III computer, for example, with a CPU rating of 500 MHz has a speed of 500 million cycles per second.
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Wednesday, 05 January 2011 08:51

Alt Commander

AltCommander_32Alt Commander is a freeware File Manager for Windows. Some features include a built-in FTP client, file compare, archive file navigation, and a multi-rename tool.
Published in Files and Folders
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